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Christmas day 2017

2016 saw us doing Xmas day Dinner for the First time. It was amazing,  51 people had xmas dnner with us, crackers, bucks fizz, turkey dinners, stuffing, Pigs in blankets.  mmmmmm my mouth is watering just from thinking about it.


It was a lovely day, lots of fun, laughter and was exactly what it should have been.  We got 100% awesome feedback .

So in 2017 we are already planning on doing it again.  We are putting together ideas for menus, and from march onwards we will start to taste them and decide what we fancy offering. Obviously it will include a full traditional Christmas dinner, but we want to have a few interesting options too.  Most improtantly though we want it to be a relaxed, fun, friendly atmosphere, so will keep it small again.


Keep your eyes open for more information throughout the year

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